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Airfix Civil Airliners

Airfix Plastic Kits - Military Aircraft - Spitfire, Lancaster, Hurricane, Mustang, WW2, Airfix Plastic Kits - Military Aircraft 1950 - Present - Harrier, Euro Fighter, Jet Aircraft, Modern Airfix Plastic Kits – Civil Aircraft – Concord, Fokker, Lockheed Super Constellation Airfix Plastic Kits – Helicopters – Westland Lynx, Boeing Apache Longbow, Boeing Chinook, Westland Sea King Airfix Plastic Kits – Military Vehicles – Tanks, Trucks, Lorries, Jeeps, Rang Rover, Tankers, Armoured Personnel Carriers, Airfix Plastic Kits – Ships – HMS Royal Navy, Hood, Nelson, Bismarck, Victorious, Belfast, Iron Duke, Illustrious, HMS Victory, RNLI, Cutty Sark Airfix Plastic Kits – Dioramas – Waterloo, D-Day, RAF Control Tower, Forward Command Post, Jungle Outpost, Refuelling Set, Emergency Set, Refuelling Set Airfix Plastic Kits – Figures – Waterloo, British, German, American, Italian, Romans, Gurkhas, Japanese, Soldiers, Army, Infantry, Paratroopers, WW2, WW1 Airfix Cars Airfix Plastic Kits – Themed Collections – Doctor Who, Wallace and Gromit, Shaun The Sheep. Battle of Britain, D-Day, Waterloo Humbrol - Paints and Accessories - Brushes, Paint, Filler, Glue, Tools Airfix Quick Build Kits - Goes together just like Lego Kits

Airfix Civil Airliners

Revell - Concord - British Airways - 1:72 (04997)

Revell - Concord - British Airways - 1:72 (04997)


Described by the press as the Queen of the Skies , the Concorde supersonic passenger aircraft was in regular service from 1976 until 2003. With a top speed of Mach 2.2 (2400 km/h - 1490 mph), Concorde flew faster than all its competitors and reduced the flight time between Europe and the USA by 50%. A total of 18 Concorde's took to the air for almost 30 years in service with British Airways and Air France until they were sent into retirement in mid-2003 for economic reasons.

Model Scale; 1:72Dimensions (mm); L859 W363
Pieces: 162Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 5 

Paints required but not included: (Revell) Main: 4 9 91 99 302 Additional: 15 47 52 76 90 330 360 (Airfix) Main: 22, 32/33, 191/27003, 56, 85 Additional: 224/154, 106, 14, 64, 11, 174, 80.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Airfix - Boeing 707 1:144 - 1:72 (A05171)

Airfix - Boeing 707 - 1:144 (A05171)


The prototype of the 707 (known as the Dash) led to a revolution in air travel. Although it never entered commercial service, it gave birth to the 707 series. Much larger, faster and smoother than the propeller aeroplanes it was replacing, it quickly changed the face of international travel.

Model Scale; 1:144Dimensions (mm); L307 W300
Pieces: 73Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 2Flying Hours: 2

Paints required but not included: 11, 22, 33, 53, 56

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Airfix - Douglas Dakota 1:72 - 1:72 (A08015)

Airfix - Douglas Dakota - 1:72 (A08015)


Thousands of surplus C-47s, previously operated by several air forces, were converted for civilian use after the war to almost all the world’s airlines. The readily available ex-military C-47s jump-started the worldwide post-war air transport industry.

Model Scale; 1:72Dimensions (mm); L273 W400
Pieces: 145Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 3Flying Hours: 3

Paints required but not included: 11, 19, 22, 24, 26, 33, 53, 56, 61, 62, 88, 128, 154, 156, 226

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Airfix - Boeing 727 1:144 - 1:72 (A04177A)

Airfix - Boeing 727 - 1:144 (A04177A)


The versatility and reliability of the Boeing 727, the first trijet introduced into commercial service, made it the best-selling airliner in the world during the first 30 years of jet transport. Production of the 727 extended from the early 1960s to August 1984. 1,831 were delivered.

Model Scale; 1:144Dimensions (mm); L320 W220
Pieces: 44Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 2Flying Hours: 2

Paints required but not included: 11, 22, 33, 40, 56

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Airfix - Boeing 737 1:144 - 1:72 (A04178A)

Airfix - Boeing 737 - 1:144 (A04178A)


Two brand new liveries are the choices contained in this release of the all-conquering Boeing 737-100, proving the international success of this acclaimed passenger aircraft.

Model Scale; 1:144Dimensions (mm); L210 W190
Pieces: 48Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 2Flying Hours: 2

Paints required but not included: 9, 11, 18, 19, 22, 33, 40, 56

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Airfix - Vickers Vanguard - 1:144 (A03171)

Airfix - Vickers Vanguard - 1:144 (A03171)


The first Vanguard made its maiden flight on 20th January 1959, and BEA ordered 20 of the V951 model fitted with Tyne R.Ty.l engines. The first of these entered service in 1961 to start replacing Viscounts on many of the short-haul high density European routes.
In the event BEA only accepted six of these aircraft, having the remainder delivered as V953 Vanguards IIs fitted with improved Tyne R.Ty.lIs, The 'double-bubble' fuselage of the Vanguard allowed considerable freight to be carried below the passenger deck.

A) Vickers Vanguard - G_APEL, British European Airways, London Heathrow Airport, England, 1963

B) Vickers Vanguard - G-AZRE, Invicta International Airlines, Manston Airport, Kent, England, 1974

Model Scale; 1:144Dimensions (mm); L259 X W249
Number of Parts: 75Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 2Flying Hours: 2

Paints Required but not included: (A) 11, 19, 22, 33, 40, 53, 24 (B) 11, 19, 22, 24, 33, 40, 53

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Airfix - Airfix Kit - De Havilland Comet 4B - 1:144 (A04176)

Airfix - De Havilland Comet 4B - 1:144 (A04176)


With a greater fuel capacity than the Comet 3, the design of the Comet 4 changed significantly from the original Comet 1, growing by 18ft 66in (5.64m) and could seat up to 81 passengers. The Comet 4 was considered by many to be the definitive series due to having higher cruising speeds and higher maximum takeoff weight.

A) De Havilland Comet 4B - G-ARGM, British European Airways, London Gatwick, UK, 1973

B) De Havilland Comet 4B - SX-DAN, Olympic Airways. London Heathrow, UK 1966

Model Scale; 1:144Dimensions (mm); L249 x W230
Number of Parts: 39Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 2Flying Hours: 2

Paints Required but not included: (A, B) 11, 15, 22, 33, 53 (B) 19, 40

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Airfix - De Havilland Tiger Moth 1:72 - 1:72 (A01025)

Airfix - De Havilland Tiger Moth - 1:72 (A01025)


Many nations use the Tiger Moth as a recreational aircraft, as the basic nature of its flight controls and flying platform make it perfect for part-time pilots. Companies around the world offer trial lesson experiences before novice pilots move to other aircraft.

Model Scale; 1:72Dimensions (mm); L102 W1247
Pieces: 42Requires Painting: Yes
Skill Level: 2Flying Hours: 1

Paints required but not included: 11, 24, 29, 30, 33, 53, 61, 72, 73, 78, 86, 96

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


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