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Scalextric Shop / Slot Car Shop

Scalextric Slot Cars - Power and Control

Scalextric Cars - Ralley, F1, A1, NASCAR, Road, Endurance New Modellers Shop - Model Scalextric Drift 360° - Nissan 350Z, Porsche New Modellers Shop - Model Scalextric Endurance Cars - Maserati Coupe, Mercedes-Benz, Mclaren, Jaguar XKRS New Modellers Shop - Model Scalextric Rally Cars - Subaru Impreza, Ford Focus, Seat Leon, Skoda Fabia, Peugeot 307, New Modellers Shop - Model Scalextric Road Cars - Range Rover, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz,  Mclaren New Modellers Shop - Model Scalextric Single Seater Cars - Formular 1 (F1), A1, Renault, Honda, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Mclaren New Modellers Shop - Model Scalextric Touring Cars - Opel V8 Coupe New Modellers Shop - Model Scalextric USA Cars - Chevrolet Corvette Scalextric Digital Accessories New Slot Car Modellers Shop - Race Sets Scalextric Track - Straights, Curves, Crossovers, barriers, Run offs, Ramps etc Scalextric Trackside - Pit Crew, Grand Stand, Pit Garage, Control Tower Scalextric Power and Control - Controllers, Power Base, Power Adapter, Hand Throttle Scalextric Parts - Tyres, Motors, Gears, Axles, Wheels, Braids, Blades etc

Scalextric Shop

Scalextric - Race Control System (RCS)

Scalextric ARC One™ - Power Base - C8433


2 x Hand Throttles

1 x ARC One™ Power Base

* Tablet/smartphone not included



Scalextric ARC One™ - Power Base

Product Code: C8433


Product Details:

Upgrade your existing analogue Scalextric Set to the new ARC ONE system with the ARC ONE Powerbase, and unlock the power of the revolutionary ARC ONE app.
Scalextric ARC ONE is a revolutionary slot car system that allows you to wirelessly create and manage races with a handheld smart device*, such as a smartphone or tablet. Download the ARC app (free), then connect your device via Bluetooth to the ARC Powerbase, unlocking unique features and control of your races.

Personalise your race by selecting features such as race type, driver names and number of laps. Customise and save your race settings and car setup, before you head out on the track to test your skills and challenge your opponent.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Scalextric ARC AIR Powerbase Upgrade Kit - C8434

Scalextric ARC AIR Powerbase Upgrade Kit

Product Code: C8434


Product Description:

Take App Race Control to the next level with ARC AIR,  Last year we launched our revolutionary slot car system, ARC ONE, allowing you to wirelessly create and manage races with a smart device and the ARC app.  Now we present the next level in App Race Control technology - ARC AIR - with exciting new features such as wireless controllers with rumble pack and braking, plus new app features such as weather conditions and race incidents. This ARC AIR Powerbase Upgrade Kit is compatible with any analogue Scalextric set, unlocking a whole new world of slot racing.  For further information on ARC AIR visit our ARC AIR page.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Scalextric 2015 Power and Control

C8545 Scalextric Powerbase

Scalextric Powerbase

Product Code: C8545


Product Details:

Contents: Power & Control 175mm Track. Replacement powerbase suitable for use with standard Scalextric sets. Uses in-house generic flat sockets. Not suitable for hand controllers or power supplies with jack-plug plugs.

Requires P9400 Power Transformer (see below)

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


C8437 Scalextric Adjustable Analogue Hand Controller

Scalextric Adjustable Analogue Hand Controller

Product Code: C8437


Product Details:

Scalextric Hand Controller with adjustable speed control, suitable for use with newer C8545 powerbases and START. Only available with red trigger.

Please check the connection on your powerbase before purchasing.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Hornby Wall Mounted Transformer (UK 3 Pin) - P9400

Hornby Wall Mounted Transformer (UK 3 Pin)

Product Code: P9400


Production Details:

Supplies 15v current to power base (not supplied, see above).

Power Supply/Transformer for Scalextric Start sets and new Scalextric standard powerbase C8530 and C8531. 15V 1.2amp.

Not compatible with Scalextric Digital, C8217, C8241, Old Standard Powerbase, or Hornby Train sets.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Scalextric Slot Cars Power and Control

C8530 Scalextric Powerbase and Controllers

Scalextric Powerbase and Controllers

Product Code: C8530 (Replacement for C8217)


Product Details:

Contents: Power & Control 175mm Track x2 Includes throttles x2 and C8222 x1.

Requires P9400 Power Transformer (see below)

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


C8247-Scalextric Throttle Extension Cables

Scalextric Throttle Extension Cables

Product Code: C8247


Product details:

Contents: Throttle Cables x2, 2 m plug-in cables, enables you to drive from different positions around the track.


Suitable for Sport power bases only, not suitable for digital.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


C8248-Scalextric Track Power Booster Cables

Scalextric Track Power Booster Cables

Product Code: C8248


Product details:

Contents: Track Power Booster Cables x2 (3m cables). Power on a large layout can drop in the part of the layout that's furthest from the Power Base. These will correct the problem, taking power direct to the most distant part of the track.

Will not connect to classic track sections.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


C8229-Scalextric Hand Controller Blue

Scalextric Hand Controller Yellow

Product Code: C8229


Product details:

Contents: Scalextric Yellow Hand Controller - 60ohm resistor. Dynamic Braking.

For use with C8217 Power Base Only. Colour may vary from that shown.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


C8215 Scalextric Lap Counter / Timer

Scalextric Lap Counter / Timer

Product Code: C8215


Product details:

Contents: Lap Counter/timer 175mm Track x2, Includes C8222 x1.


Counts down the number of laps you set (up to 999 laps), ties lap speed in each lane and records the best time to the nearest tenth of a second. Keeps drivers informed at all stages of the race by LCD display/Sound Signalling. Fully compatible with both sport track and classic track.

Price: £ Quantity Available:()


Haven't found the slot car / Scalextric product you want?

Email me atinfo@newmodellersshop.co.uk and we will see if we can order it.

All product information is correct when entered in to the website and comes from Scalextric. This information is subject to change without notification by Scalextric. Please check the Scalextric website for the latest information at www.Scalextric.co.uk

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